About sam

Hey world i am sam i like to introduce my self see i am alway trying to do something good for me and anyone out there see i like to have fun went i can and went i am shopping so i am trying to put together were we can all have fun weather is shopping or fishing see i like fishing its like went i used to go i had no luck it wasn't luck i needed i needed to  learn skill not luck so i look here there and no luck that did not stop me from having fun i try and try and then there was this man i know he is saying that me he talking about he is a great man indeed he toll me sam you doing it or wrong and show me how to fish and then i had a ball of fun and i went shopping and look at this and that and picking or the wrong thing and this nice lady say it look like you can  dicide  what you want to pick i said yeah but i was having fun you look like you are enjoying your sefl have you try not to want so many thing and try to see if you need i was having fun so i listen to what she said and see she was right i was having so much fun i want every thing i touch well i do'nt need a shoe i needed shoe for fishing not dancing boy i use to go with runing shoe an dancing shoe an fishing shoe so i walk out with a pair shoe that i needed and with money in my pocket an lots of fun doing  it awesome well enough about me go have some fun remember take your time make  your shopping fun we talk the next time i post thanks it was nice talking to you all

Email: sam358@comcast.net