Hello world I'm Sam.  I'm always trying to do something good for myself and anyone out there.

I like to have fun when I go shopping, so I'm trying to share a website where we can all have fun while shopping.

I want you to have a satisfying shopping experience. I'd like to provide you enough information to make an informed choice when shopping online.

Since 2015 www.sambizsolution.com has included over 1.0 billion products from over 80,000 stores across the country, making sambizsolution one of the largest price comparison websites out there.  Sambizsolution carries a variety of products to help you make an informed buying decision including real-time prices on over 600 million products.

We locate the product all you need to determine is the right time to buy.  So, if you don't see something you want feel free to email sambizsolution

Our products sometimes come with Coupons, Promotions, and Manufacturer Rebates to save even more.  Feel free to visit http://1h45.com.  You can be alerted as needed...so leave your email to be notified the instant a product goes on sale.

​Happy shopping!

Email: sam358@comcast.net